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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Weather or not

Well yesterday was quite the day - we were expecting some thunderstorms, the first of the fall season - really the first in over two months, first "significant rain" in 2 months (actually a little more than that were we are) ....

What we didn't expect:
0.60 inches of rain
2 inches/hour rain fall (that's a lot in a little time)
18 mph wind speed
20*F drop in about 20minutes (the local news weather radar was reporting snowfall not that far from us - I suspect it was just the really cold air)

And all this is based on my weather station - which hubby is talking about returning for a new one since there seems to be some issues with both the wind speed/direction and the temperature gauge.

The wind thingy tends not to read ANY wind speed less than 3mph even though it's obvious that the trees are really blowing - I mean the cups don't twirl at all, not that they are just going too slow to read ... In fact the local school will be reading a 10 mph wind, my windmill will be spinning lickity-split, and my weather station will say it's calm out.

And when the official temp is 81*F, we've noticed it can read anywhere from 80*-108*F - we know this was being caused by sunshine (temp in the sun) ... But are also wondering if this is effecting the readings we are getting

My "fear" .... No, CONCERN is that since it is the end of the severe weather season, that he won't be able to find me another unit or one that is at least as good as this one was when it started.

I love this unit!

When I first got it I will admit I was like "are you serious?" since it was a birthday present from hubby - but you know what?


I absolutely love it!

As a farmer, even a small farmer like me, I find it indispensable!

I am constantly looking to see what the temp is or the humidity level or the wind speed or the pressure or the prediction for the weather ... In a storm I have this thing right next to me keeping an eye on the wind & rain rate

I absolutely love it.

If he takes it and can't replace it until next year ...


I'll be so sad!

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