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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Go grandma!

Look at these two mug shots ...

If I did this right - the photo should be there, if not use the link below


See how happy that woman is? That's because she is 71 years old and was arrested for having sex in a car ... Whoop-whoop ... She was arrested for indecent exposure - after all the car they were in, her caddy, was rocking away ... rocking so hard that someone called it into the police because they thought someone was being hurt inside I'm sure.

Now look at the guy - he doesn't look so happy does he? That's because he told the cops when they asked him what he was doing admitted that they were doing the naked rhumba - and he found out how old she really was ... He is 54 yrs old ...

Making her old enough to be his MOTHER!

LOL - I hope when I'm 71 yrs old I am still able to get arrested for having public sex ... Of course I also hope that it's still with my husband and not some guy I picked up in a bar.

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