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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Numerology class

Next time you hear what a great writer and how popular a book is by a president remember this ...

Money spent to buy obama's three books
(used in embassies around the world)

English Language copies
$41,000 worth sent to Egypt
$6,000 to Seoul US embassy
$4,800 to Jakarta US embassy

Foreign Language copies
$3,700 (Turkish) Ankara US embassy
$20,000 (French) Paris US embassy
$3,800 (Indonesian) Jakarta US embassy (yes they got two batches)

But the thing is all these books were written BEFORE he became President

State Dept Response
For decades, our embassies overseas have used books to engage key audiences in discussions about the US political system and foreign policy.
Every embassy has a budget to buy books on US history, culture, politics for their own libraries and to give to host-country libraries and contacts.
The embassies themselves make the decisions on what to buy, based on interests of their hostcountries.
These decisions are not made or directed from Washington.

Since the president is still making royalties on these books - he may have earned an extra few thousand dollars on the spending of federal funds ...

Boy that sounds like a big no-no

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