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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Reality check

So I'm watching the news his morning and they have a segment on companies hat are hiring ...

Marriott inns have 30,000 entry level jobs on the hospitality (housekeeping) line .... They say they like to hire from within the company - so getting in on entry level is a good thing ... But let's face reality here ... These are jobs that are most likely to go to recent immigrants who are willing to do a LOT of work or grungy work for little pay - it has been said by owners/managers that American born workers expect too much from their work place, where those from other countries simply want the paycheck to live

I9Sports is looking for franchise managers, program directors, sports coordinators ... $22,000starting - franchises cost about $45,000 ... They want 500 people across the nation ...
I've never heard of them before, at least not under this name

Comfort Keepers - they have about 900 positions for IN HOME care ... Nurses, caregivers, but there are some sales positions ... Wages go from $8-$20/hour depending on what your position is - expect to need not only a skill/certificate but also job experience to get these jobs ... Very few will start at the entry level.

Walmart - now this news story shocked me because the reporter was so totally oblivious to reality - are opening "Walmart Express" stores, they are walmart on a smaller scale in order to get into the bog cities & malls where they normally would not have fit before ... The reporter mentions that FT starting wage at Walmart is $12.31/hour - what she doesn't mention is that IN THESE STORES more than 70% of the payroll is PT workers, and a good chunk of those are less than 20 hours/week.

The new trend in sales - that is retail - is to be open on thanksgiving ... So if you are planning on having dinner that day it might have to be either super early, or really late for those that need to work.

But what they aren't saying is that if you haven't gotten job experience by now - you better be ready to do the basest job here is at the smallest wage to get it because the others are going to be swallowed up by those who have job experience .... And if you are counting on the Obama plan of paying companies cash/tax breaks for hiring people off the unemployment rolls, don't because companies are finding that the plan will actually cost them more money than hiring just anyone ... In other words
, you won't have any advantage for it

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