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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The View: Hot Topics

Dad's Designated Driver

They showed video footage from a gas station servalance camera of a van pulling up, filling up ... and inside the clerk noticed the man seemed to be staggering a bit - he admitted that he had been drinking but not to worry, he had someone who would be driving ...

then the clerk saw the 9 year old daughter get behind the wheel!

She sat in a booster seat and drove well -- in fact if the clerk hadn't called the cops, chances are they would have made it home.

The one question that none of the ladies asked, but was the first in my mind -

HOW did she reach the peddles? especially if she was in a booster seat?
This would mean that while she had control of the wheel, her father still had to be working the peddles ... so he was in control of speed & stopping ...

the girl has been taken away and he has been charged with "Child Abuse"

Shari said it should mean jailtime for the man ...
Whoopi however didn't think so -- she seemed to think that education would help the man ...

I feel bad for the girl ... she was taken away from her mother because of something the mother did ... placed in the care of her mothers parents and then taught to drive when daddy got too drunk.  Did I mention that this was at 3AM?

what will become of this girl?  as it was ... she couldn't understand why the officer pulled her over ... she thought she was driving just fine.

so if nothing else - dad taught her that the law only applies if you get caught.
Harry Belefonte falls asleep while waiting for satellite interview ...

Thank you Whoopi for sharing that you fall asleep waiting too.  very funny.
World Population:

Whoopi shared that within the next few days the Worlds Population will be hitting 8 Billion ... but she didn't say where the majority of the population will be located (India/China/etc) .... but the gals had a few quips of their own:

Shari: Its that damned Octomom

Barbara: 8 billion people and the Republicans still can't find a candidate that they like
(this got her a roar of laughter and applause, but Lizbeth took back her basketball)

Lizbeth made an interesting slip of the tongue today when she was talking about why they were playing basketball on the set ...

"In an effort to torture basketball team owners ... and players ... into ending the NBA lock out ..." blah blah blah.
but yes - the way she said "and players" made it sound like they were an 'after thought' and that she was blaming the owners for not settling up.

this is a case of millionaires being pissed that other millionaires aren't giving them more millions .... you do realize this right???

I think "Occupy Wall Street" should go protest at those stadiums instead of Wall Street and banks ... talk about "stealing" money ... oh thats right - they wont do that because the players belong to a UNION.
You know - it was a much more enjoyable show without Joy .... I did not miss her at all.
It was wittier
had a better pace
was less of a downer
and there was no bickering
and the time with the guests seemed more pleasant

and we didn't have to listen to that voice .... nails on a chalkboard that voice is for me ... sends shivers down my spine.

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