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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Baby Lisa

Normally I put up missing person notices - but there isn't an Amber Alert for this little girl ...

Fox News did an exclusive interview with her parents and I was trying to watch it on my computer but it wouldn't give me a full shot, all I could see what the husband's reaction ... and it was quite interesting.

he was totally devoid of emotion
he didn't look at his wife as she was being questioned - she glanced at him out of the corner of his eye
he didn't say a word until directly asked
he just sat there
he is obviously to the point of detachment, its a defense mechanism
not even when his wife admitted that she was drunk that night did he flinch
in fact he said about his wife's drinking that it doesn't change who a person is or how they act... he obviously has never heard of an "angry drunk" or a "crying drunk" who's emotions are more easily sparked.

I beg to differ -- if she is "blacking out" to where she can't remember then either (a)she wasn't drinking just wine or (b)she had bigger than average sized wine glasses ... if she drinks like this about twice a week as she claims, then it would not be wrong to assume that her brain has built up a tolerance for it - 5 glasses of wine would be enough to put hubby out and he's a big man.

well here - you watch it and let me know what YOU think ...

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