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Monday, November 07, 2011

Bullying gets the wink

I was watching tv and a new commercial for Walmart's layaway program

To do this the showed people Ina family and the possible things you could get them

1)a little boy gets a Lets Rock Elmo {I will not remark on the kids Partridge Family hair cut}

2)a young girl gets a Lalaloopsy hair doll {don't ask me ... I just report it}

3)a tween gets a Star Wars a ultimate Light Saber {with that 1970's bubble hair cut - what is with this family?)

4)over-weight husband/brother gets a Zumba Fitness video game for iDrect ...


I could see it if he were a fitness buff ... Or one of the ladies in the commercial ... But why did they have to pick on the guy who is just this side of Biggest Loser? Well okay he isn't that large to the AVERAGE person, but he looks that way to those who are skinny as a rod and doing the advertising boards

Though I'm betting they are trying to be comical - of this "joke" we're told in the school system you can bet that your child would be getting hauled down to the principal's office ....

I think it's real important that of we are trying to tell the kids hat there is a "zero tolerance" on bullying then we need to carry that out into the media as well ...

So we either need to tell kids that there is a certain amount of bullying which is tolerated, certain groups which it is okay to pick on ... or grow up and live by the same rules we want to hold the kids to

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