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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Rap session

Ok - so as you may have heard Lindsey Lohan (LILO) has been sentenced to. Something like 30 days in jail ... She spent something like 4 hours there because of over-crowding ...

That'll teach her

Here is a listing of her rap sheet that I saw:

MAY - arrested for DUI, possession of cocaine
JULY - 2nd DUI, driving on suspended license

MAY - missed court date, claims stolen passport on France
JULY - sentenced 90 days, served 14 days (due to over-crowding)
SEP- fail court ordered drug test, goes to Betty ford clinic

FEB - court for theft, pleads "not guilty" to stealing $2500 necklace
OCT - probation revoked, failure to do community service
NOV - sentenced to 30 days, serves 4 hours (due to over-crowding)

And people wonder why CA has such a high crime rate?

Maybe because they don't PUNISH people unless they do some thing major like killing someone ... Or want to write a book about the experience ...

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