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Monday, November 21, 2011

If Barbie Were Real

If the barbie doll were real she would be:

• 5ft 9in tall
• 39" bust measurement (that's a size 44 bra, but they didn't give a cup size to go with it
• 18" waist
• 33" hips
• size 3 shoe
• she'd walk on all fours (not sure if that was a joke)
• 110lbs

A couple of problems with these conclusions ...

Barbies shoe size has changed over the years ... She has gotten less toe from when I was a girl ... But then too her foot is pointed - this makes the foot seem shorter than it actually is

And with no cup size it's hard to come up with a "true" bra size - that's how women "see" breasts ... We can imagine a numerical representation but we get a better picture if we know that she is say a 33EE or something ...

Generally a bra size is 5" longer than your under-boob but the cup size is the difference between your underbust and the measurement around the "fullest part of the bustline" - i.e. nipples ... In general each inch of difference is equal to one cup size.

In the USA these go A,B,C,D,DD, DDD, E, EE, F, etc ... In Europe it's different - I don't think they have the triples, and I'm not sure about doubles.

So if she has a 33" underbust then she would be a 38DD ...

But say her underbust was 28 inches (about 10" larger than her waist) ... Then she would be a 34F (always go up to the next even number) ...

Now the national average cup size is a B or C (it falls between) so working back from that ... Her underbust would be 35 inches ... So she would be a 40C (sooty she doesn't look like a B cup to me)

so the next time you see some lady shopping in the Playtex bra aisle at your Walmart - just remember that she could be the same size as Barbie ... Americas standard of "beauty"

Now that waistline - it is possible you know ... It calls for the use of a corset but it can be done ... And you would get that hourglass shape too.

And if you wear a corset for long enough ... Say years ... Your body will just naturally start to take that shape ...
I wonder how women used to wear them when they were pregnant? Maybe that's why pregnant women were sequestered until well after birth - because they could jot wear all the undies they should have ... Or did they have special ones made for pregnant women perhaps?

And we all must be honest that the Victorian shape is what people like - too bad we didn't keep the image of the matriarch as well ... Where it was acceptable for a woman to have a larger frame once she had children ...

Now a days society seems to dictate a skinny rail body no matter the age or what your body has gone through ...


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