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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Numerology class

National debt = $15 Trillion

Debt per US Citizen $48,089
Debt per TAXPAYER $133 ,609
(hey those don't match - that's because there is a huge amount of people who do not have to pay taxes but they are NOT part of the rich, they ate those who are taking money from the government in one form or another)

US Federal Spending = $$3.6 Trillion

US federal budget deficit = $1.3 Trillion

High budget items:
Medicare/Medicaid = $825 billion
social security = $723 billion
Defense/wars = $701 billion
Income Security = $407 billion
Interest on Debt = $218 billion
Federal Pensions = $212 billion

Federal Tax Revenue = $2.3 Trillion
State Revenue = $1.18 trillion

US Gross Domestic Product = $15 Trillion
Gross Debt to GDP ratio = 100.0171664 +/-

That's just what I could make out

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