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Thursday, December 08, 2011

All I Can Say Is ... WOW

Follow up - Rick Perry appears on Fox news to explain this latest ad ...

The interview was satellite linked from Charleston SC and Perry was going to be stumping it in later in the day -- so let's get that mind set in there ...

First he was asked about Holder (who is supposed to be speaking about the 'Fast & Furious' gun sales debacle later today) ... He said the whole thing rests on the shoulders of the President ... Of course by this thinking then Reagan should have been held liable for the whole Iran-Contra scandal of the 80's ...

I'm thinking he wouldn't agree with that one ..

Fox news asked about the phrase "Presidents war on religion" ... to which Perry brought up the funding being cut to Catholic clinics which don't do abortions, don't sell birth control, and the like - basically theres been a threat to take away the tax-exempt status, but he didn't really support any of this part ... he just danced around it

He did point out that the constitution mentions a freedom OF religion not FROM religion ... That was a good line ...

But that was about it ...
He said that judeo-christian values should be leading this country

That's scary ... Not with the value system, but it is pretty close to establishing a national religion which is exactly what the first amendment was trying to avoid ...

Some of the Fox Facts off to the side bar
• Perry is the longest serving governor in TX history
• this is Perry's first national run
• $15Million in "cash on hand" at end of Sept for his campaign
• will spend $1.2million on ads in Iowa over the next month before the primary

He just seemed out of sorts, worn out ... Or maybe it was the fox news commentator who seemed to be "why am I interviewing this guy who hasn't got a chance?" ... Normally I like the commentator, but he did seem rather uninterested in the interview ...

Where were the questions about his statement about gays?

Where was the press for specifics about a presidential suppression of religion?

Where was the questions about his campaign funds being so far less than anyone else's?

They did ask about Donald Trumps "debate" which Perry won't be participating in ... He said he will be on a bus tour - good for him ... Let King Trump twist in he wind!

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