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Monday, December 12, 2011

Debate highlights

Dang! I missed another one! And what I've seen of the clips it was a pretty funny one:

Bachman: ... Newt-Romney were FOR obama care principals - if you look at Newt Romney they were for cap & trade - if you look at Newt Romney they were for the illegal immigration problem - and if you look at Newt Romney they for the $700 billion bailout
Romney: ... The real difference I believe are our backgrounds - I spent my life in the private sector, I understand how the economy works, and I believe that for Americans to say goodbye to president Obama and elect a republican they need to have confidence that the person they are electing knows how to make this economy work again and create jobs for the American middle class
Gingrich: ... He did 4 allegations, do I get 4 responses?

Stephanapolis: take your time

Gingrich: ok ... let's start with the last one - let's be candid, the only reason you didn't become a career politician is because you lost to Teddy Kennedy in 1994 ...
Romney: now wait a second, wait a second, with regards to the idea that if I had beaten Ted Kennedy I could have been a career politician - that's probably true, if I'd have been able to get into the NFL like I had hoped when I was a kid I'd have been a football star all my life too

Gingrich: as speaker of the House I worked with Bill Clinton and following a very similar plan and we ended up with about 11 million new jobs in a 4 year period - went down to 4.2% unemployment
Romney: well having spent my life in the private sector, I understand where jobs are created - they're not created in government, they're not created in Washington ...
MAJOR Faux Pas of the evening: Romney bets Perry

Romney: ... you know what? You've raised that before Rick and, um, you've ...

Perry: - and it was true then - and it's true now ...

Romney: ... Rick, tell you what - $10,000? $10,000 bet?

Perry: I'm not in the betting business ...

Romney: oh okay
average income in Iowa where he debate took place? $40,000/yr! Majority of workers are either union or farmers - so they know the money is super hard to come by

(Romney commented this morning saying his wife told him it was a bad thing to do)


There is supposed to be one last one this Thursday - I'm hoping to be able to catch this one

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