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Monday, December 12, 2011

Reality Check

Obama is PROMISING that by next years election he was going to have the national unemployment rate down to 8%!

Hmmm - let's look at this ...

• in the 2010 budget (signed May2009) he had unemployment at 7.1% by 2011 .... well we know that never happened so the taxes weren't there for what he wanted to do
• in the same budget he also predicted a 4% growth in the job market/GDP
• National unemployment for 2011 was 9%
• job/GDP growth was 1.7% in 2011
• he has never taken any responsibility for the down turn of the economy during his term, even hough his party had full control without enough votes to block anything in the first 2 years of his term he still blamed not only the Republican party but also the "previous administration"

So what needs to happen for this promise to happen? What sorts of miracles is Obama gonna have to pull off this year?

• 200,000 new PRIVATE sector jobs EVERY MONTH until November 2012
• 100,000 people dropping out of work force every month (usually done because they are tired of looking and have ran out of benefits) ... This will add to the homeless issues

Last months 8.6% unemployment has been attributed to people simply not even trying to find a job during the winter months - they sought welfare instead.

Look for them to come up with a "new" way to calculate the numbers to make the picture rosier than it really is ...

It reminds me of how they used to calculate the FTEs at the daycare ... One calculation was used for the kids, another was used for the workers, and a third was used for the state so things looked like they meshed and we were never under staffed ...

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