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Friday, December 30, 2011

Election 2012: DFL/DNC

(sport it's the DFL here in MN ... I think it's the only place where it is- HEY HUNTSMAN THE 'F' STANDS FOR "FARMERS" ... just a clue)

With the poling numbers not going his way, Obama is realizing that in order to gain he oomph his campaign needs to possibly win (short of major faux pas on the GOP candidate) .... He will be switching Hillary with Hide-'Im-Biden ...

Apparently there is a quote out there (according to our local talk radio broadcaster) where Obama said he can not afford another gaff and the only way to assure that is to get Biden out of there - and the only way the polls say he would win is if Hillary is on the ticket with him.

Of course my hubby jokes that Obama will never put Hillary on the ballot with him because after a couple of months he'd have one of those "Vince Foster" accidents ... That's right that was ruled a "suicide" .... shhhh

Not so bad when a common citizen jokes about it - but I heard one of the Foxnews guests (John Fund, senior editor American Spectator) while talking on this very subject joke that with Hillary as a running mate Obama would have to hire an official food-taster.

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