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Friday, December 30, 2011

Donald Trump

What day is it? Oh a Friday?

Then Trump must be running for president again ... Just wait ... It's like MN weather - it will change shortly

So rumor has it that the Trump man will be making an announcement after the Iowa caucus declaring an independent run ...

There has been a leaked email from someone in the Tea Party asking offices in TX to make sure everything is in place to get his name on the ballot in the state ...

John Fund (senior editor, American Spectator) believes that this will never really happen because if it does Trump would have to disclose his finances and then people will see that "he isn't worth all that he says he is" ... Funds words not mine ...

I don't think he'd run really because he makes more money not running than if he does ... The President only makes $400,000 annually (so they say) but Trump claims to be making millions every year -- if he became president he wouldn't be able to do that ...

All his holdings and dealings would go into a "blind trust" so that he wouldn't know if the laws he passes or deals he makes as president would effect his bottom line ... Of course there is some question as to how effective this blind-trust really is, after all I think as an investor you would have some idea where your money is stashed.

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