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Friday, December 30, 2011

Election 2012: GOP

Well the candidates are starting to implode now ... Yesterday it was Bachmann with he defection of her main Iowan supporter ...

Today it appears to be Huntsman, Perry, and RON PAUL ... Yes he may have let that mask of his slip a bit ...
"They pick corn in Iowa. They actually pick presidents here in New Hampshire" - Jon Huntsman (R)! (quote from CBS news while he was talking to a group of supporters in NH)
This is supposed to be an intelligent man?
So he is going to insult the people who vote first?
The people who will really set the tone?
The ones who vote in an election which will effect the funding you will receive from donors?
Not to mention that he is insulting a good portion of america - the American Farmers!
Way to go ... Jerk!
"Senator Santorum is a prolific earmarker. And we talk about - you know I love Iowa pork, but I don't love Washington pork and that's the problem - that Washington pork is the one we have to watch out for, that will give you a stomach-ache that lasts for a long, long time! ... Well Senator, I'm calling you out - defend your earmarks, defend to the people of this country and to Iowa those earmarks that I happen to think are the "gateway drug" to the spending problem that we've got in Washington DC." - Rick Perry (R) Cedar Rapids IA, 29DEC2011

You gonna piss off Washington state farmers too?
I know that's not what you meant, but it is what you said and as a possible presidential hopeful don't you think it would be nice of you GUARDED YOUR WORDS?
on a personal note - I had to turn the closed-captioning on the tv in order to understand this man ... I don't like that ... It wasn't that his accent is hard to understand - He's from TX and can understand people from TX usually without a problem ... And usually the one issue I do have with TX-speak is that it is a bit slower than MN-speak (IA-speak/WI-speak are all the same way ... Quick on the tongue and sometimes an entire sentence can sound like a single word we spurt it out so fast) -- but it's like he is so busy either smiling to be able to enunciate clearly or it's like he's afraid to say it clear lest he get called on it later.
Also until 1989 Perry was a Democrat ... He switched parties just in time to keep his seat in the TX state house of Reps ... He has been Republican ever since - even serving a George Bush's Lt. Governor - well for less than a year!... But still I don't like people who switch parties to keep their government jobs ... and he switched over when Al Gore (whom he supported through the election) lost all the court bids to steal gain the presidency.
I've got an issue with that sort of thing.

Am I saying a person can never change their mind? Of course not, we all grow and change over time - I'm just saying it looks mighty suspicious when it happens around a major political event and the side you were on loses so you join the winning side.
"... if I were an Iranian I'd probably want a nuclear weapon too, because you gain respect from that ..." Ron Paul (R) at a rally in Iowa

WHOA! Dr Paul - as a pediatrician I would think at some point you have had more than one talk with more than on parent about how there is a big difference between FEAR and RESPECT ... And Iran would not gain respect from the world just fear ... And a dog (or child) that respects you will work with you - but one that fears you will turn on you in a flash!
Then too we have to remember that Iranian leaders have already stated that they wish to eliminate israel and punish the Americans
Why are people not aging attention to what is coming out of this mans mouth?
How can he be ranking so high in the polls?

Oh I can hear the Iowan jokes being formed now if Paul wins this thing ...

Did you hear that Kelly Clarkston got in trouble with her fans?

She reiterate her support for Ron Paul and her followers quickly gave her heck over his being anti-Semitic and anti-gay ... She quickly apologized for her post.
STICK TO YOUR GUNS GIRL - either you believe in what he stands for or you don't ...

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