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Thursday, December 29, 2011

Election 2012: GOP

Well Michelle Bachmann is crying FOUL down in Iowa ....

Sen. Kent Sorenson - the chair of her Iowa campaign - has jumped ship to go work for Ron Paul ... Just days before the primary (I think it's Jan 2nd, that's just Tuesday)

Sorenson went on fox news and claimed that he did it because (a)the people supporting Ron Paul also helped him get elected when the state GOP thought he would never win so they didn't put as much power behind him as he wanted ~ and ~ (b)that there is no way that Bachmann is going to win the primary ...

But Bachmann went on radio and restated her feelings on the matter (she had said something about it in a tv inter wow too):
"I can tell you the conversation that I had directly with Kent Sorenson. He told me himself that he was offered money - a lot of money - by the Ron Paul campaign. And it was very clear that this effort to offer him money happened after the Sioux City debate, after we were gaining tremendous momentum in all 99 counties across Iowa. People were flipping away from Ron Paul - they were coming and deciding to vote for Michelle Bachmann and that was when the Ron Paul campaign offered money - from Kent Sorenson to my ears - telling me that he was offered a great deal of money and that's why he left. "

according to Megyn Kelly - news anchor - FoxNews - Sorenson appeared at a rally for Bachmann and then about 3 hours later showed up at one for Ron Paul saying he was switching candidates ...

Yeah I'd be going WTF too!

Sorenson is saying that Bachmann is lying and hat conversation did not take place (I am SOOOOO hoping she tapes her conversations)

Susan Gettys - a high ranking operative in conservation circles in Iowa and helped in Sorenson's own campaigns (2008 & 2010) - has come out and told AP (Associated Press) that Sorenson told HER that Sorenson himself said -as recently as last month - that the Ron Paul campaign had offered him money to leave ...

Without actually using the words - he called Gettys a liar as well ...

Sorenson says that when the financials for the campaigns come out they will see that there was mo money exchanged .... Of course he knows that there are indiscriminate funds which get spent that get put into lump sums where bits and pieces could get lost ...
And if you've ever gone shopping at a discount store you know how those little amounts can quickly add up

Megyn also pointed out that while Sorenson is denying that he "accepted" funds - that is a different thing from being OFFERED it.

Irony of ironies - during the interview on Fox ... In the background several - or maybe it was the same one - Bachmann campaign vans were driving behind him and showed up very prominently on screen ... LOLz ... Jokes on HIM I guess!

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