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Thursday, December 08, 2011

Taking The High Road

I was watching The View okay it was my dvr copy ... And they roughy up a book signing of Michelle Bachman ...

Now I'm not a supporter of her presidential campaign - I think she should remain in the senate, face the truth of it, drop out and get back to dc and do her job ...

That aside...

At this book signing a little boy was escorted up to the table by who I assume was the mother and COAXED into talking to Bachman ...

The boy said "my mommy, Miss Bachman, is gay. She doesn't need fixing"

Bachman - backed away from the boy and said "bye bye" as he left - she did however look towards the mother ...

The ladies on The View lambasted her -- what the hell did they expect her to do, tongue-lash the mother for using her child that way??

Could you imagine the headlines?

Even Hasslebeck came up with a suggested answer ...


At the time, I think Bachman did the right thing by just holding her tongue ... It was very very obvious that the boy was put up to do this and that he was chickening out at the last moment and wouldn't have said anything had the mother not pushed it

The boy was only 8 yrs old

And Joy and Whoopi are sure having fun trying to find ways of not only putting down republicans in general but to shoot down whoever is in the forefront of the GOP candidacy ...

I would love to see that put to a stop right now

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