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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Court is in Session

I was made aware of this through Facebook so I don't have a link ...

But yahoo released a list of the top STUPIDIST lawsuits of 2011

In no particular order:
• a convict is during the people he kidnapped because they didn't help him elude the police

• a guy sued a bar because they didn't check him for illegal weapons before he entered and he got hurt in a fight, presumably by his own weapon

• some kids sued their mother because she sent them cards without any gifts (I assume they wanted $$$)

• woman during a store for $5 million because she got an 80¢ refund for something ... She must have wanted more

• a woman sued her child's daycare because when he child grew up it didn't get into an Ivy-league school ... I remember this one!

• a man sued for "Age Discrimination" ... Says the judge in his original case was too old and didn't side with him

• a man sued a fast-food establishment because the man was to FAT to get into their booths (might I suggest you STOP EATING THERE?)

• a woman sued a movie theater - you'll love this - because she felt the trailer for the movie "Drive" didn't have enough DRIVING in it (now how he heck did this harm her?)

• a passenger took a cruise and the ship swayed from side-to-side and went quickly ... That has got to be one of those DUH moments in life

• Chuck E Cheese got sued because some mom let her kids go there and then said the games encourage gambling
Ok - you kidnap someone they aren't SUPPOSED to help you in any way or form ... What an idiot

If you're too fat to get in the booth - while the food maybe cheap, it might be a really good indication that you need to LAY OFF IT for a while

Think the games are bad for your kids - DON'T TAKE THEM THERE ... I could see a suit over their pizza though - it's awful for the price, but then you don't go there for pizza

now I would love to know the judges reaction to the Cruise Ship story -- had it been me I would have given the passenger the full Judge Judy/Dr Phil/ slap to the head treatment ... YOU'RE ON A SHIP, IN THE OCEAN, gee I wonder why it's rocking?!?!?!?! And maybe it was going so fast so the captain could GET YOU OFF HIS DAMN SHIP ...

I swear now-a-days they sue for everything ... I wonder if I can sue for cutting my finger on new years Eve because the summer sausage rolled as I was trying to slice it ...

Would I sue the maker of the knife, the knife sharpener, the cutting board manufacturer, the store where I got the summer sausage, or the meat company?

Maybe the adhesive bandage company because the band-aid keeps coming off when it gets wet so I can't wash my hands properly?


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