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Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Election 2012: GOP

Most of the numbers are in for the Iowa caucus ....


25% Romney (29,625)
25% Santorim (29,584)

21% Paul (25,875)
13% Gingrich (16,974)
10% Perry (12,410)
_5% Bachmann (6,016)
_1% Huntsman (732)

Paul made too good a showing ... There will still be jokes about this I'm sure ...

For not doing much campaigning and after that awful quote about Iowa - I have to admit that I was surprised that Huntsman got over 700 votes ...

Santorim - even though my auto-correct wants to change it to sanatorium ... LOL - was in like 6th place until tonight ... But I'd have to look at the last polling data I posted ...

33.9% Romney
_4.2% Santorim

Was the last poll I posted ... WOW what a jump!

But it is the smallest percentage the "winner" has had since bob Dole won in the 90s ... He had like 24% and went on to lose terribly against Clintons second run

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