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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Election 2012: GOP Iowa

Just when you thought it was over -

Iowa's caucus results will never be certified because 8 precincts did NOT get there forms into the State Secretary's office by last nights deadline ...

BUT to top that all off they have found several mistakes in the counts they DID get ...

These mistakes puts Romney in SECOND PLACE
And Rick Santorum in FIRST PLACE

Just think of all the money he could have had if that had been known ...

Just think of the "bounce" he would of had in the NH primaries if people had known ...

There were inklings on caucus night that there were irregularities in the vote tallies but the Santorum people simply went " oh okay" and let them slide

The difference - in the count that will never be certified - is now only 8 votes difference or something like that ..

It is the closest race in the caucus' history

Well I guess they were testing their system for the vote come next November ... So they can lose those votes hat night too.

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