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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rick Perry

Rick Perry has decided to drop out of the 2012 race ... Well the nomination race ... And is instead endorsing newt Gingrich

While I can kind of see this since Gingrich was smart enough to take the high road figuring no one wants to throw their support behind an opponent who just spent 6months beating you up in public ...

And polls were showing that he only had 2% support in the upcoming primary - let's hope that Gingrich can pick up some speed and push Paul back into the rear of the pack

Perry entered he race late and is well leaving kind of late too ... I'm thinking he is the last of the single-digits to leave

• his campaign lasted 159 days
• he is the 3rd candidate in 2 weeks to drop out
• entered race on 8/13/11 in SOUTH CAROLINA
• had 10.2% in IA, 5th place
• support dropped 20pts since August

To drop out of the race before he primary of the state that he launched in when it was so early yet ... You have to wonder what writing he saw on the wall?

Maybe he saw that Huntington didn't get a bump in his home state so he was worried hat he would make a bad showing too.

And then there were 4? 5?

It's narrowing down

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