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Thursday, January 05, 2012

How Do You Like Them Changes?

For those thinking that Obama is such a great guy and that all the nations problems were given to him via the Republican party ...

How the hell do you explain this?

We have mr nutty in south America ... You know the one who is always chatting at the UN - I'm not saying the guys name - we will leave it at Mr Nutty .... He is ranching up the rhetoric about America and how we need to be taken down

We've got Mr ImADinnerJacket over in Iran yakking away and threatening our people and our allies ...

We've got crap going on over the otherwise of the border with Mexico that keeps finding its way into our small towns ...

Oh man he list goes on and on ...

So what has "the greatest president of our time" plan to do about it?

$450 billion military funding ... Will be cut!

Yup he is gonna make us more vulnerable ... How you felling about him now?

His plan would
• reduce the number of nuclear weapons we have
• put more troops in the Asain-Pacific (think China)
• 15% reduction in BOTH Army & Marines

The US Army currently has 570,000 to just 490,000 ... Oh look more unemployed - unless they are going to force the retirement of the more experienced soldier in which case we will be getting hit with their military packages sooner than anticipated - unless he's gonna take that away too

Obama explained his plan this way
" ...we will be able to ensure our security with smaller conventional ground forces. We'll continue to get rid of "out dated" cold war systems, so we can invest in the capabilities that we will need in the future - including intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance, counter-terrorism (spys), countering WMD, and the ability to operate in invite omens where advisories try to deny us access."

WTF? What is he thinking?

The problem is that we don't have the infrastructure for this ...

We don't have the planes needed to fly to China ... We don't have the tankers needed to keep our Navy & Air Force fueled, we would be as vulnerable as Doolittle's Raiders .... We won't get a new bomber until 2020 so what we have China already knows about, even though they had that one that they went over with a fine toothed comb several years ago (really that should have been seen as an act of war) ...

People - young people - who can't find. a job will no longer be able to "fall back on" the military for a living ...

Between 2011 - 2021:
• defense funding cut by 15.1% (at least)
• defense funding will be 2.5% of GDP (lowest since before our entry into WW2)
• Army will CUT 50,000 soldiers by 2016 (wonder if the illegals we have in our armed forces will be the first ones cut?)
• currently the US Army has about 565,000 soldiers/troops on active duty
• Defense spending accounts for 1/5 of the total federal budget
• US defense spending makes up 43% of the WORLD military spending

So we will be taking these soldiers who had a job and drop them now into an economy where there aren't hardly any jobs ...

How can he not see that this is going to caused more issues?

Or maybe he is seeing the writing on the wall and is trying to leave a mess for the next republican president -- after all they are saying that if he does not win the election, then Hillary Clinton will be running in the next election after that and they feel she will win...

I better start thinking of ways to store up some more food - prices are going to go sky high I just know it ... Good thing it's almost garden planting time ...

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