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Friday, January 20, 2012

Newt Gingrich

Breaking news is that Newt Gingrich has cancelled his scheduled appearance this weekend on ABCs "This Week" ...

Well ... DUH!

Why is ABC so surprised that he would not wish to go onto a network who's actions last night were little more than an attempt at character assassination!

I think that he may have waited so long to decide not to go on because he has the debate last night and it wasn't announced until late yesterday afternoon that ABC was planning on running their piece before the primaries in SC ... also I'm sure they had to see if they had any legal obligations to go on the show after promising to do so.

I an working on the transcript of the debate last night .... Or at least some of the main questions with out all the "fluff" in there

Even though I've got to say that the opponents did a pretty good job standing up for themselves and made for an interesting debate that you could actually stay awake for.

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