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Monday, January 23, 2012

The View


The debate was Thursday (yes I know I've got to get that stuff up yet) so I tuned in on Friday to The View figuring that Joy wasn't going to miss a shot at Romney or Gingrich ...

Not a blooming word ...

Not even to defend the networks airing of Gingrich's ex-wife before the primary ...
Not even to make fun of Ron Paul's remark about how he was being ignored for the medical questions ....
[I KNOW ....]

There were several spots in there - Mitt's stumble about his tax returns ...

That they just let slide by ...


Now that the primary is over and Gingrich has come out on top they decide to take notice of the debate and claim
(a)the ABC interview helped him to win
(b)that if the CNN debate moderator hadn't led with the question that he wouldn't have done as well
(c)people identified with Gingrich because for some reason they are mad at the media too
(d)that people were willing to vote for anyone but Romney


You think THAT'S why he won?

How disingenuous of you .... It could never be that there is a group of folks who actually like newt?

Here's the transcript on their Hot Topics segment on the debate/primary:

Whoopi Goldberg (WG): despite all the bad press Newt Gingrich got last week, he won South Carolina, their primaries, and a lot of people feel this moment at Thursday's CNN debate (cough, choke*) - was the turning point, take a look

(clip from debate of Gingrich telling off the CNN moderator)

Barbara Walters (BW): ok I want to say a few things as a member of the elite media, yeah I'm pretty elite - look - John King, I think, made a mistake in asking it as the first question - John king is a superb reporter, it should have been further down and not the first question ... But one of the reasons that Newt Gingrich is ahead is this ANGER at the media [BW raised her voice so I emphasized it with caps] - the elite media, the media's doing this, and the audience - let's face it - is not crazy about the media. They may be crazy about us, we hope, maybe occasionally, but the more he berates the media the higher up his ratings go
Now this was an interview that was done by Bryant Ross it was a perfectly legitimate interview, he came on this program and talked about it. But the fact that Gingrich has this kind of emotion, compared with Romney who doesn't show it - now Romney mistake was from the beginning he should have released his taxes and said 'now look I'm a rich man,' Michael Bloomberg our mayor is a rich man we know that but he is also a great mayor - but it's the fact that Gingrich can r-r-r-each [again she is the one who emphasized the word, I'm just trying to represent it as best I can] this audience, can get people moved by picking on the media - it's working!

Shari Shepherd (SS): well do you think that he won, that he was so far ahead in SC because peep, the actual interview with his ex-wife actually helped him because people might have felt like 'you know what? You're railroading him'; he said he was sorry, he asked for forgiveness - let it go

Elizabeth Hasselbeck (EH): it shows (mumbled) on the part of the American people to actually understand that there could be some motive out there, you never know, in terms of an attack [oooh, she would not look at BW while saying this - I think ultimately the question comes to Do we want a perfect man or a perfect president, because I think ...

WG: well I'm sure that glad they asked that - I wished they'd remember that years ago, you know, when they went after Clinton for being imperfect** and Newt in particular, but people voted, they dint want Romney, that's the vibe I'm getting, I'm really getting he feeling people are not ...

EH: just SC

WG: well, yeah so far it's one state, but I think it's kind of bizarre of him to say the elite media's protecting Barack Obama - I don't think his had much to do with Barack Obama, I think this had kore to do with - you know - people just putting out the garbage like they do

BW: you attack the media, and there's a lot of reason to it - you know there are things that he media does that they don't want - but it's very popular to attack the media. It's interesting, by the way, that Romney is finally going to release his tax returns and he's doing it the night of the ...

SS: he's doing it in April...

BW: now he's moved it up to the State of the Union*** hoping that it will just ...

WG: this is going to be just very bizarre

BW: but he has to be, and the way that people find, Gingrich, whatever it is, refreshing honest - Romney has to somehow capture that because almost in the middle of what he says people say "naw that not what, naw I don't know that's not true"

EH: to your point - he should just be like ' look do you want somebody who has made a lot of money in the past to run this country, or someone who has spent a lot of money to run this country?' just come out and say it and be honest with us and be emotional -I think if he does that I think your right ...

SS: you know that's a touchy subject you better ...

WG: ... all over that, they will be all up in him when they want to you know

That's pretty much it -- looks to me like the media is trying to choose the candidates again.

*: while I would hate to think so, this was the ONLY time during the Hot Topic area where Whoopi appeared to Be having any sort of throat issue.

** : apparently Whoopi has forgotten most of what the impeachment involved and has only remembered his sexual indiscretions ... The case against Clinton started with sexual harassment,
But soon turned into misuse of power, turned into a case of allowing unauthorized personal access to information they didn't have security clearance for (Lewinsky was allowed to stay on the executive bathroom during meetings in the oval office and under the desk during international phone calls while on speaker phone - this is a very serious crime ... Then there was the whole lying to the grand jury thing that happened - the highlight of the whole thing was the word "IS" ... c'mon - to break that whole mess down to just sex does everyone an injustice and trivializes a MAJOR piece of our history - you would never find them doing this to Nixon's resignation and he didn't even get a trial!

***: This is being dubbed an "election year" speech ... But really has there been a year when BO ever stopped campaigning for a second term?

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