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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Numerology Class

Average Of Polls

36% Gingrich
32% Romney
11.6% Santorum
9.4% Paul
Real Clear Politics
January 19-23,2012

This state has 50 delegates and its a Winner-Takes-All ...

I think nominees need 1177 delegate points to guarantee the nomination ... So the question becomes - are there enough states that will allow their points broken up (such as NH) that here will be a real NEED for the GOP convention?

Lately it seems like it is just a party zone - they just go through the motions ... By the time the convention comes around you KNOW who's going to get it ... It has lost it's true meaning with the advent of the modern news media.

If the parties really want to get people interested again, they need to do it all on the same day and have the results of the delegates held secret until the convention so there is a mysterious build up

Now that would really get people interested AND it would help keep one state being influenced by the perceived actions of another ...

Only problem would be that candidates wouldn't be stopping by those smaller delegate states to get those votes - like they do in the general elections

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