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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Election 2012: GOP

This could have easily have been called
"Things That Make You Go Hmmmmm"

The self-declared "Most Powerful Woman In The World" Nancy Pelosi was interviewed the other night and asked about newt Gingrich's chances of being the GOP candidate and if she would have issues working with him in the white house ....

She gave a very cryptic answer:
"let me just say this - that will never happen."

When asked why she was so sure she said
"there's something that I know - that will probably, if they chose to nominate him that's their prerogative."

She didn't give any specifics and I did not see the entire clip to see if the reporter/interviewer pressed her for any

For Newt's part - he says put up or shut up! Bring it on!

Romney feels that it has something to do with the ethnics investigation that Newt had ... Romney has already claimed that Gingrich resigned in disgrace (I don't remember any of this, but then I wasn't paying close attention then)

Apparently Pelosi was on the ethics committee at the time of the probe ... Question is - if she is implying that there are things in that hearing that people don't know about and has been kept under wraps, can this be an ethics violation herself?

Let's get a fact out - he was NOT found guilty of any ethics violations ... He was SANCTIONED for what the committee felt was a deliberate delay of the investigation though ...

Which is funny because that is about the same thing that the Clinton/Gore white house was being accused of during the Whitewater/Fundraising scandals of their time.

The Clintons were accused of purposefully delaying getting paperwork to the ethics committee/courts - implying that things were being "sponged" and then there were the mysterious deaths of a couple of key players in the mess ...

For Gore's part there was the campaign fund raising that was taking place from he WH offices and some implication (at least on the publics side) that WH stationary/envelopes may have been used as well.

Then too I wonder why the dems seem so determined that foment be the one Obama goes up against ... Why?

I would think they would WANT Gingrich to run and get the nomination if they think heave got something that will eliminate him with just it's mention...

Are they
(a)unprepared for anyone BUT Romney?
(b)are they scared that Gingrich could run circles around Obama at debates?
(c)are they sure that Obama will lose to anyone BUT Romney so they have to make sure he is the other candidate?
(d)or is it more that Romney is just democratic enough that they figure it will be "business as usual"?

It opens a LOT of questions ...

Almost makes you want to have Gingrich get it just to see what the heck she thinks she's got ...

I don't think she's got crap -- I think she's getting ready for that wilderness!

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