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Monday, February 13, 2012

Economics 101

{Boy it seems like I'm getting a lot of info from just one source - but since they are PRIMARY sources I feel this will be ok ... That is, since they are coming straight from the horses mouths, I don't see that there is a real need to do any deeper research for accuracy ... Maybe if it were quotes I was getting off just a news station but these are words coming from video clips - although we know that clips can be made to lie as well}

Congressman Paul Ryan also was on "This Week" to speak on the Presidents new budget - well a video clip of him was on ... Who is he besides a republican?

He is chairman of the House Budget Committee ... Meaning he is privy to things that would make your hair fall out when it comes to the finances of the USA ...
" ... his (Obama) proposals all have three things in common:
They load massive tax increases on small businesses and hard working families
They require bureaucratic rationing in government health care programs
And they hollow out our national security ... "

now while this might sound like a bunch or rhetoric - you talk to any small business owner (not the employees, they really have little idea of what really goes on) about what the new proposals the government has planned and I think you will find that if they have more than 5 employees on the payroll - an important distinction - then they are about to be hit bad enough that "mom & pop" shops around the nation will start to close down as not only is the federal government trying to make up lost revenue by having so many unemployed and so many businesses fading away but the states/counties/cities are also hurting for funds!

It will not be long before people are paying nearly 60-70% of their incomes in taxes ... Between federal & state income taxes, social security payroll deductions, unemployment insurance, , the new health care tax, then there are the sales taxes, consumption taxes, road taxes, gas taxes, taxes for this, taxes for that ... I wouldn't doubt that someday we will all pay a tax for breathing because we exhale CO2!

I can remember when celebrities were moving to the US to avoid the taxes in GB & Europe .... I'm guessing it won't be long before we see it going the other way very soon

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