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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Same old song

On the same program (This Week) a quote from Obama was played ... It was a speech he gave in 2009 shortly after taking office:
" ... Today I am pledging to cut the deficit we inherited by half by the end of my first term in office ... "

Now remembering that the Dems held all three branches of government his first two years and the republicans really didn't have enough votes to stop them other than he "filibuster" ... Which used to mean that someone wasn't willing to yield the floor, but now adapts all they have to show is that they have enough votes to back it (I want to say 60) and they can simply stand up and claim "filibuster" and everyone gets a short break ... I don't know of there is a time limit on it or not

So for these first two years all we heard was "we didn't realize how big the problem was" never mind the continued spending spending spending that was going on ...

Anyhow - the new Chief of Staff had this to say on the new budget coming out tomorrow (13 February)
" ... As you know when we took office the economy was falling so fast that the first thing we had to do was put a bottom in, that cost money in the recovery act, it cost money in terms of lost revenue in terms of slower economy growth. We're on track now, we've seen several months of sustained economic growth and job creation, but we're not out of the woods yet - that's one of the reasons we still need even this month for congress to take action and and pass the extension of the payroll tax cut. The presidents budget is a plan for 10 years and over the 10years what it would do is bring the deficit down to below 3% of the economy, which means we won't be adding to the deficit based on current spending ..."

Is any one else getting really sick of the "inherited" bit when it comes to the economy?

I could see it for the first year ... Maybe even the second as the banking stuff was straightened out ... But c'mon!

At some point your boss would look to you to get into your job and what comes out of it is YOUR doing - good or bad ... Shouldn't we expect the same of the Leader of our country?

But even then -- 10 years!? But his term is only 4 ... 8 years at most ... How is that going to work?

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