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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

NatGeo Prepper Facts

Episode 1
.22 caliber rifle is one of the most common guns in America (makes sense since its a hunting weapon)

North & south poles move each year by as much as 25 miles each year (sometimes massive earthquakes like that experienced by Japan and Sumatra will shift the poles to the point of where airports needs to adjust the GPS systems)

Every 300,000 years, scientific surveys have shown, the north and South poles switch ends ... But they have not determined if the earth completely shifts or if the poles just shift positive/negative forces ... They think the last shift happened 780,000 years ago. Oh oh!

2010 & 2011 saw a spike in magnitude 7+ quakes but fewer total quakes than in recent years

A buildings strength, flexibility, and location all effect it's ability to resist an earthquake

A used shipping containers (like those used on ships) cost about $4000 each

Shipping containers are made to carry 58,000 and stack 8 containers high, so 1/2 million pounds can be stacked in one area.

25 pounds of chicken will sustain 4 people for 6 days (assuming there is nothing else and they eat the minimum requirements)

8 gallons of fresh foods = 1 gallon dehydrated ... Lasts 10 years ... and is a 2 week supply for 4 people

A single for could feed 22 people for a week when properly preserved

FEMA suggests you have 3 days worth of food in your home in case of natural disaster

41% of Americans fell preparing for a catastrophe is a smarter investment than saving for retirement

About 750,000 households in the US are "off the grid"

"Bug out" dates back to the Korean War when soldiers used it to signal a retreat

For general emergencies, FEMA recommends having an evacuation destination that can be reached with one tank of gas

Within the next 30years experts believe there will be a 6.8 mag earthquake along the San Andres fault in CA

In 2011 nearly 9 million people took part in the great CA Shake out, a drill which helps residents prepare for "The Big One"

FEMA recommends that a bug out bag for general emergencies have enough supplies for lasting at least 72 hours

Southern CA experiences about 10,000 earthquakes each year. Most go unnoticed

A key ingredient in aspirin, salicylic acid has been used since the 5th century to reduce aches and pains. Willow tea is often used to treat headaches and pain, willow bark has high concentration of salicylic acid

Other terms in a Go-bag, include bug out, 72-hours and GOOD (Get Out Of Dodge)

INCH bag = I'm Not Coming Home

Cooking does NOT reduce the nutrients in fish but it does kill the parasites!

There is no evidence that a swap of polar energies would effect the Earths tilt/rotation/seismic activity

There has never been a COMPLETE cut off of FORIEGN oil to the US, most of our oil comes from Canada and Mexico ... 1/2 oil the US consumes comes from the US ... There is more than 1 months supplies in the Federal Reserves

There is less than a 3% chance that the earthquake expected in CA will be above a 8.0

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