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Wednesday, February 08, 2012

NatGeo Prepper facts

Episode 2
EMP = Electrical magnetic Pulse

A solar flare could cause a nation wide EMP

1859 an EMP hit the US and Europe, it caused a world wide failure of the telegraph system

In January 2012 (hey that was just last month!) a massive solar storm hit the earth, disrupting communications and causing flights to be rerouted ... when the heck did that one happen? I don't remember this

By weight, trucks move 70% of freight in the US

Three days without trucking would leave the US grocery stores empty ... Probably less than tat as people ran out to hoard things

Hand Warner's contain fine iron filings that deplete oxygen in the air (can be substituted for the oxygen depletion packs for food storage)

dsarti1 is the former truck driver/Prepper in this episode ... Check him out ... His ham radio code id is WC2V

In 2009 the US switched from analog to digital broadcasting freeing up airwaves for emergency personal. oh everyone knows they did it so that people would buy the newer more expensive TVs!

Ham radios run just on the radio frequencies already in the air and can run completely on battery or solar power without dependence on Internet or phone lines -- it will however need some sort of transmitter/receiver antenna

A Faraday cage would protect electronics from an EMP

Massive solar events happen every 150 years - ones he size of the 1859 event occur about every 500 years they think ... that will put the next one in 2359 ... I think we're safe for now ... Unless he Mayans were right

At the end of 2011 cocoa prices went down 30%

Tte foodie Prepper claimed that cheese dipped in food grade wax will keep without refrigeration for 20 - 25 years

A "Pea Shooter" is a firearm with weak fire power

According to NatGeo most economists do not think the US is at risk for hyper-inflation or economic collapse ... I think they need to change their experts

The New Madrid seismic zone is 120 miles and covers several states : MIssouri, Illinois, Indiana, Tennessee, Kentucky, Mississippi (or is that Alabama ... The one next to Louisana), Arkansas

During the New Madrid quake of DEC1811- MAR1812, shocks were felt in New York and Washington DC ... there were 1000s, 20 were above 6.5

If stored properly wheat, dried corn, instant coffee, and pasta will stay fresh indefinitely

If a 7.7 mag quake hit the New Madrid fault line, 200 electric/oil/natural gas facilities will be damaged - leaving millions without power
There is a 1:50 chance that a large quake will hit the New Madrid fault every 50 years (there have been several small rumblings lately that people are asking if it's from the frack-drilling happening in he area, if so, this will likely change these odds to even greater likelihood)
The total value of US currency currently in circulation is around $2 trillion, including money in checking accounts ... what they aren't telling you is that the "money" in the checking accts is numbers only, there isn't any real physical money there ... Also this number is a bit off because it does not take into account money in collections that while held off he market, still carries a cash value

The best firewood is a combination of soft wood which ignites easily and hardwood which burns longer

In 2010 CO had over 3500 fires ... They did not say if these were all wildfires or if it included structure fires as well

51% of Americans think a financial collapse may happen in the USduring the next 25 years ...if history is any indication, we won't have to wait that long

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