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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

NatGeo Preppers Facts

episode 5
{I want to start be saying that this is the first time since watching the show that I think CFS needs to get involved - some of the things this father did make me worry about the physical/mental/social welfare of the children ... normally I wouldn't say this, but I think he crossed a few lines of good judgement here - and I wish the experts had called him on it}
The worlds population increases by about 200,000 every day

Eight states have population growth near 2.0%, which means their population will double in less than 35 years

Tomahawks are great for removing animal heads and hides because they can cut through the bone and gristle easily. A 4 inch blade is also very precise.

When your body reaches a core temperature of about 64.8*F, your heart will stop beating

Fires three components are fuel, air, and heat. More air makes a brighter flame, less air produces long-lasting heat.

Earths population has more than doubled since 1959, the WHO predicts that growth will begin to slow in the next century, and level at 10 billion by 2100

More than 50% of Americans believe that a significant weather event, terrorist attack, or financial crisis could happen in the next 25 years

Average American uses 100 gallons of water each day - about 1600 drinking glasses

A recent UN study shows that if if water usage continues, 2.7 billion people will face severe water shortages by 2025

{as a second side note - I'm so glad NatGeo isn't doing some show where you've got to keep someone's identity secret on penalty of death because I gotta tell you - THEY SUCK! The gal buying the condo - they showed enough of her face in different shots where it wouldn't be hard to price together enough face to have a facial recognition program do the rest ... And the mercenary? Well they didn't do a very good job smearing his face at all - all the did was remove some of the finer shadow detail but you could still get a clear idea of what he looked like}

In the US, martial law has only been declared once on a national level, during the Civil war.

According to a recent survey, 33% of Americans say they have a bug-out bag ready to go in case of a catastrophe

Stun guns are legal in 44 states. Only 4 states require a permit

The longest confirmed kill by a sniper team was at a distance of 8,118 ft, the equivalent of about 27 football fields
They are looking for new cast members for season 2 of you think you'd be interested -

(I can think of a few YouTube preppers that I'd like to see on there ... And you know who you gals and guy are)

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