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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Straight From the Horses Mouth

You don't think he's cocky do you? Or maybe he knows something about those voting booths that we don't? Or maybe the Democratic party have figured out the dirty secret about the way we elect a President - popular vote doesn't matter, it's the votes of the Electoral college you need to swing - and there is NOTHING that forces them to vote for whoever won their state!

Any how - when asked if he broke his promise about getting Immigration Reform passed he said:
" ... I would only have broken my promise if I hadn't tried, but ultimately I'm one man, you know we live in a democracy we don't live, you know, in a monarchy, I'm not the king - I'm the president and so I can only implement those laws that are passed through Congress."

You notice how he doesn't mention that he had a both branches of Congress under Democratic control for the first 2 years of his term and they seemed to push the health care bill down our throats without a problem, as well as several other dirty shenanigans ...

Or how his justice dept has been sent out to fight against the border states which ARE trying to get some sort of immigration reform going ... Oh wait yes he did:
" ... I think that's there's a politics that we've been seeing so focused on a negative attitude towards immigration - we see it at the state level, in AZ & AL and others of these states, where people have been scoring political points, taking the harshest anti-immigrant stands and I think that that's not the kind of politics that I believe in - I know thats not the kind of politics that the Latino community is going to respond to ... "
(I cleaned this up - he seemed to be having a tough time stringing two thoughts together ... Like he was either really tired or, and this is more likely, that he was doing something else at the same time ... no TelePrompTer there I'm pretty sure)

Or how this same dept of justice/ICE has said that they will not seek deportation of illegals unless they have committed a felony crime in our nation ...

Naw - forget the stuff.

But here is the real cockiness that makes you go "did I miss an election here?"
" ... My Presidency's not over - I've got another 5 years coming up ..."

Presidential Quotes to Univision radio, 22FEB2012


5 more years?

He didn't say " might have another 5 more years" or "if the voters are kind I will have 5 more years" etc

I really have a feeling that two things will happen if he gets back in

1)we will see a try to repel the amendment that makes term limits to either no limits or perhaps even 4 terms

2)he will PUSH everything he wants during the last years of his presidency if he doesn't win re-election ... Including using "executive powers" in order to achieve it doing an end run around the standard Checks&balances
Simon Rosenberg, used to work as an advisor for Clinton and is president of DC "think tank" New Democrat Network {insert eye-roll here}, said the stupidest thing that he honestly could never think the public would believe:
" ... right now the net migration into the United States from Mexico is zero, we actually have stopped ALL illegal migration into the United States - it is a profound change from where we were when the President came in in 2009 ... Deportations are up to historic levels now, we've seen a huge increase on the customs-and-borders police along the border, we've put the national guard down there, crime is down all along the border ... "


The NET migration rate?

Now how would they even know this? After all isn't the whole thing behind illegally crossing the border is that NO ONE KNOWS YOU DID IT ... so how the heck can they say they are sending back as many as cross?

And we aren't talking "migration" anyways - migration means they come & GO from one area to another ... We are talking "immigration" which means they go to a new area and STAY THERE --
Geez how dumb do they think we are?

And crime along he border is down?

Tell that to the border towns! Tell that to the farmers/ranchers who are complaining about people crossing their fields -- tell that to the cops who have found semis and vans and other vehicles stuffed full of illegal that some "coyote" has snuck across for $$$ and then left to swelter in the desert or wherever ... Tell that to the families of those border police who have lost a loved one because "crime is down" ... Oh please!

And the National Guard??

The President doesn't usually call them out - they fall under the power of the Governor of that state ... The President has power of the Reserves, but that's a different branch ... I'll look this up though just to be sure

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