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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Reality Check

News came out yesterday that the UK is looking to bring in PRIVATE healthcare services because their national (socialized/single payer) health care- which the liberals look to as a model -is causing all pets of issues over there across the Pond ...

The problems they've been seeing (besides cost):
• 5 month waiting periods for treatments no matter what the ailment
• Lowest Breast Cancer survival rate in Europe
• Lowest European survival rate for Lung Cancer
• people (upper income) are getting private health care anyhow
• tenant is "they can go to private care, or die" ... (that sounds familiar)
• British system includes rationing

The worry for America is that they will cover birth control but not major parts of child birth - after all it is more expensive to bring life into the world than to prevent it - this would mean two things ... The same issues that Britain is finding:
1) less than zero population growth within the working-class ... Those who pay the taxes for the programs that were pushed thru

2) more people needing government aid to live - including a positive population growth in this population due to pregnancy

Politicians need to see the whole picture not just the parts they like ... This can NOT be "C & E" healthcare

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