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Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The STUPIDEST thing I have heard

I hope if you live or work in Coon rapids MN that you don't mind carrying a balance on your credit card or giving out your check card info ...

They just passed the STUPIDEST ordinance I have heard of ...


this means you MUST swipe your card through in order to get gas ...

So if you like to pay by cash - or don't qualify for a credit card or checking account --


You can pay for it ahead of time inside but you still have to PREPAY ...

So how the heck is this going to work with the gas deals our two major big box grocery stores are offering?

Normally you fill up, then take the gas card or coupon in with you to pay - you don't do it at the pump ...

What the heck was the Coon rapidscity counsel thinking?

Are they trying to prevent "fill & runs" or are they trying to eliminate the "less desirables" from filling up within their city limits?

Either way -- NOT very MN nice!

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