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Thursday, February 23, 2012


I just saw a story on CBS news that Google has changed their mind - somewhat - on their new privacy policy and users will now be able to "opt out" of their tracking feature ...

This feature was causing issues as it made it sound as if google was going to track everything that you did and had on your computer .... that they were going to sell this info to other companies without your knowledge and that possibly could even include the government or law enforcement agencies ...

I would think this would fall under the "Search & Seizure" clause of the 4th amendment ... And be a major violation

I would think it would be seen as UNCONSTITUTIONAL and land them in major trouble ...

Actually - I would think even having to "opt out" instead of needing to "opt in" could also land them into big issues ...

I'm sure this move was prompted by the sudden outpouring of users to other services ... Their stock had to take a hit ... And it's going to be super tough for google to rebuild that trust that they gained when Yahoo started acting up so many years ago ...

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