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Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Election 2012

Fox News is reporting that Romney has about twice the number of delegates as Santorum ....

BUT that includes the state of Ohio -- Ohio had quite a bit of irregularities in their major polling places ...

From reports of election judges not knowing WHICH ballots to give voters (there was more than one?)

To at least one polling place which had to be shut down and MOVED to a new location because someone called in a bomb scare ...

To the usual stand by - Machines not counting correctly ... Hubby has been a head Judge - this is why you test the machines the night before and make sure their tallies are cleared

Then there is the fact that there have been states which have been allowed to be "winner takes all" before April 1st, this is in violation of RNC rules which states that NO STATE shall be a "winner take all" before April 1st

There's an awful lot of funny business going on ....

And then there is the way the delegates are "distributed" within a state ....
If you look at Ohio, you would see that Santorum won the majority of the counties but Romeny won counties with the highest concentration of population - Cincinnati, Columbus, Cleveland - cities where it's going to be nearly impossible to verify voter registrations ... This seems to be the way he wins most of his states ...

Screw the country/rural folk - well that's not unusual

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