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Sunday, March 18, 2012

History Channel: FMJ

episode 1
Intro of people (will do as they joust and give background)

16 contestants of various backgrounds but all men

Basic intro to sport

Picking of teams (Red/Black)

Red Team
Coach: Ripper Moore
1. Mike (Marine Corps Veteran)
2. James (Professional Show Jumper)
3. John ()
4. Nathan (PRCA Bull Rider)
5. "Avery" (Josh - theatrical jouster)
6. David ()
7. Paul ()
8. Jake (Horse Trainer)

Black Team
Coach: Rod Walker
1. Rope (World Champion Steer Wrestler)
2. Tom ()
3. Matt (Philosophy Student)
4. Josh K (theatrical jouster)
5. Landon (auctioneer)
6. Joe ()
7. Brian ()
8. Jack

1. Gulliver
2. Navarro
3. Crispin
4. Superman
5. Jefferson
6. Praetorian

First the contestants are dressed on their armor and then get chest shots with a battering ram! I suppose it also helps them learn how to fall

With warnings to keep their mouths closed and not to let their tongues go between their teeth or they might bite it off, but there doesn't seem to be a lot of instruction on how to actually fall so to minimize injury (maybe that's hard to do in 80# of steel)

The other team got to get on the horses and ride - while the coaches whack them in the chest with baseball bats - metal ones - but they tried their best to keep the shots on the grand guards

First joist:
Black vs red team
Josh vs Mike

Josh rides Navarro
Mike rides Crispin

In practice, Josh unseated his trainer and caused a bit of discomfort

In practice, Mike was unseated by the smallest dude on his team (James); he also took a shot in his "special place" but shook it off

Josh has a 3yr old daughter
Mike refers to having a "girl" ... But don't know if it's a daughter - he also seems to be a former marine

Skill____theater jouster__Horse Stuntman
1 1/4" thick lance
Pass 1:
0-0 although they hit
Pass 2:
0:1 mike strikes
Pass 3:
0-2 even though mike hit the lance plate
Pass 4:
0-2 tip to tip hit (repass called)
1-2 Josh hit
Pass 5: 1 1/2" thick lances
2-3, both strike
Pass 6:
7-4, josh broke lance
Pass 7:
7-4 both miss
Pass 8:
8-5 both strike

Although mike lost, he becomes a "second" and can be put back in the game if one of his team mates can not compete in their joust

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