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Monday, March 19, 2012

History Channel: FMJ

episode 2
the jousters practice with moving targets - of sorts.

They have a spinning target to hit as well as a jousting version of the tackle dummy that falls down when hit proper.

Lances weight about 10# over the 9 ft from pummel to tip

They don't say if the teams get to see each other practice (although probably not since later they talk about "spies" at practices)- but they live in separate quarters in the same house

This allowed red team to go into black teams area and challenge one of the players ... That doesn't seem right though

There is a closer look at how the armor and lance work together

Black vs red
Jack vs Jake

Jack rides Gulliver
Jake rides Jefferson

Jack is a theatrical jousters (13 years, 5-6 shows a week)
Married, 2 children
jack got hit in the head with a lance at the end of practice - this same hit killed a king ... But Jack did break a few teeth
(cracked molar and shards were spit out)

Jake is a horse trainer (and a bit of a clown)

Jake has a really hard time controlling the lance and the horse at the same time
Jake kept asking "what happened" so I have to wonder if he was riding with his eyes open - although it was the first time he rode with the helmet and it's limited vision
The jousters spend some one-on-one time with their horses


Black vs red
pass 1: 1 1/4" lance
0-10 black gets unseated
0-10 both miss
0-10 both miss
1-10 Jack hits but throws himself off the horse
Pass5: 1 1/2" lance
1-10 both miss
1-11 red hit (although jack broke his lance it was off target so no points)
1-11 both miss
1-11 both miss (although jake hits but not on target and loses control of his lance)

Jack now is a "second" but Jake wins

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