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Thursday, March 22, 2012

My Home, My Castle ... My Weaponry of Choice

Ok so let's start with a few definitions ...

"castle Law" deals with you being in your home when an intruder enters

"Stand Your Ground Law" deals with any situation where you feel in direct threat of your life or the well being of another

The following states (west to east) have one law &/or the other:
• AK
• ID
• UT
• AZ
• ND
• SD
• KS
• OK
• TX
• MO
• LA
• TN
• MS
• MI
• IN
• KY
• AL
• WV
• NC
• SC
• GA
• FL
Then there are states where it is up to the officers on scene to determine if there was a case of self-defense

In some ways I can see where this is a good thing, and still I can see where this could be a bad thing ...

First, it puts the judicial branch in the enforcement branch ... It means that an officer could help coach a person they feel sympathy to - either by the circumstances or by knowing the person - by coaching them as to what to say when questioned ...

On the other hand, it also keeps people from being persecuted who acted in self-defense ... People who would be put on trial in the media when not all the facts are known

But more on that later - there is a very prominent news story going around at the moment that if I say something might get me on a list I don't want to be on ... On either side

I am neutral

I will wait for a PROPER investigation to be done by STATE officials ... at this point the federal government has no reason to step in, at least not on the shooting sides of things

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