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Monday, March 19, 2012

History Channel: FMJ

episode 4
Red vs Black

A fight breaks out in the red house after a few hours of celebrating the days win - Josh (winner of joist) vs David

Only 6 horses are used for the actual jousts even though there are several more for practice - these 6 have more experience

Riding practice, with/without lances, no armor

One of the riders considers leaving - one of the best riders according to the head trainer

Announcement of $25,000 for the seconds who do not get to try for main prize

Red vs black
James vs Matt

James rides Superman
Matt rides Crispin

Matt is a philosophy student
James is a professional show jumper

James falls off horse during practice but he doesn't get up right away - once unmasked his face is bloody and the helmet is jammed in place!

James goes to the hospital, to get staples where the helmet cut his scalp (but only 3 staples) and a concussion - no riding for 7 days by drs orders
Another member will have to take his place - John on Preatorium, but he will get no practice rides on the horse

Interesting thing is Matt trained John to theatrically joust!

red vs black
John vs Matt
Pass 1: 1 1/4" lance
0-5 black breaks lance
Pass 2:
1-10 red hit, black breaks lance
Pass 3:
1-10 both miss
Pass 4:
1-15 black breaks lance
Pass 5: 1 1/2" lance
1- 20 black breaks lance
Pass 6:
-4 - 21 red loses 5 pts for not controlling horse, black pt for touch
Pass 7: horse swap Jefferson in
-4 - 21 both miss (red breaks lance but no pts because it missed the guard)
Pass 8:
-4 - 21 both miss

There was no way red team could have won after losing the 5 PTA for loss of control - the most they could have gotten was 16 pts total and even then that would have meant both pass 7&8 needed to be unseatings ...

Even if the black team had lost 5 pts in the same manner in which red team did, they still would have had a tie if red had gotten the 2 unseatings
(-4+20=16 vs 21-5=16)

I just don't see why they did pass 8 when there was NO WAY for red team to recover then because the most they could have gotten was a final score of 6 pts - I would have thought it better not to risk injury to man nor beast, but that's just me I guess
I have to say at first I wondered if it was fair to have the theatrical jousters in the competition but they seem to almost be at a disadvantage as they have to unlearn everything they had been taught ... At least that's the way it looks

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