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Tuesday, March 06, 2012

NatGeo Prepper Facts

Episode 6

A four day provisions bag should have a 16 - 21 gallon capacity

Gasoline has a shelf life of 9 months to 2 years (depending on the blend)

German shepherds are the world premiere military, police, and guard dogs. Their bite force has been measured at 238 pound per square inch

Potassium Iodine tablets will keep for 5 years if stored in a cool dry place

To last more than 10 years, seeds must be kept at below 40F and away from moisture
note: when you pull packages out of your freezer, no matter how "air tight" you have them, condensation will begin to build up within the packaging from the product within it in most cases

The Millennium Seed Bank Project in England is the worlds largest seed repository and banked it's billionth seed in April 2007

Only HEIRLOOM seeds is guaranteed to give you seeds which will grow the same variety as you collected them from
ORGANIC deals with the way the plants were grown and collected but does not guarantee that the plant is not a hybrid which might NOT give you the same variety as the plant from which you collect the seeds from

"Survival Seeds" are both heirloom in nature and organic in harvest

Experts estimate that Fukushima released only 1/10th the radiation released by Chernobyl in 1986

Radiation from the Fukushima reactor reached the United States in March 2011 - exposure levels were small and did not cause any fatalities

note: beware of any product/company/person who "guarantees" that anything will last past doomsday - how would collect on that promise if it doesn't hold up?

In a recent survey, 49% of americas said that they were more likely to buy a house with a bomb shelter over one with high-end appliances

A study by the US Army shows that judgement becomes impaired beginning at 10,000 ft ASL
a few personal observations about this episode:

• while training your dog for security seems like a good idea, bare in mind that (a)certain breeds will raise your home owners insurance (b)if your dog does attack someone or even threaten to attack they can be subject to capital punishment and you will be held liable for medical bills and possible civil awards as well (c)you may have to report that your dog has had such training to your local law enforcement - check your local ordinances/laws

• a case in WI where a property owner set up a device to harm anyone breaking into his property (I want to say it was in 1990), the intruder was killed and he property owner charged and convicted of murder. In most cases, unless your life or another's is in IMMEDIATE peril - that is there is no question about it - you can NOT use deadly force. This means that if you've got a steel door which is 3ft thick between you and the intruder it would be UNLIKELY that they could actually do you harm

• if the "alarm bells" are going off before you leave your home - DON'T GO with the stranger who has called you up. Offer to call them a tow, have them. All a relative, but do not go with them with or without a weapon.

• I wonder what pressure you use at 11,000 ft for canning? I'm not even sure you could do BWB canning for fruits/jellies/jams ... Since the higher you go the lower the boiling point of water becomes.

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