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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

NatGeo Preppers Facts

(better late than never)

Episode 8
School buses can support 1 1/2 times their weight - they cost less than $300 second hand

Any shower will help with the removal of radiated particles - experts recommend removing all clothing and washing off right away if you are exposed

The US Army recommends that decontamination showers release water at a minimum pressure of 60 psi, about the same as a fire hose

After the disaster at Fukushima Nuclear Plant, some retailers saw the sales of radiation devices increase by as much as 1500%

The worlds largest shelter in Sonnenberg, Switzerland can handle 20,000 people

A 1.4 megaton bomb detonated 250 miles above Kansas would destroy most of the electronics in the United States (ginger adds: and many parts of Canada as well)

Ham radios work only on Radio waves that occur NATURALLY and work independently from "the grid" (it can run off batteries which are charged via solar chargers)

"Peak Oil" = eventual decline in the Oil Reserves

The United States consumes 20 MILLION barrels of oil A DAY (ginger says: that sounds a bit high - I have heard other estimates that have it down to "only" 2 million barrels and as high as 50 million barrels, you would think it would be easier to find this kind of information)

GLOBAL demand for oil is projected to grow to 125% of current levels by 2030 (ginger notes: they do not say if this is taking into consideration the developing countries which have begun to "boom" or if it is just current levels for the major 8-16 countries consuming the most now)

86% of Americans commute to work by car (ginger notes: no stats given for how many of this number are part of a car POOL situation - just that they use a Car to get to where they are going... Note2 at end)

A hot tub, which holds 450 gallons of water, will hydrate a family of three for about 8 months (once properly filtered)

80% of the ingredients in American pharmacy drugs comes from overseas

Most of the antibiotics now produced in the world are used on farm animals (many Preppers will get their antibiotic supplies from animal sources such as online pet pharmacies or pet stores - they are just sold under a different name) NOTE3

M35 military truck: can carry 5,000 lbs of cargo off-road/10,000 on-road; it runs on nearly any liquid fuel (diesel, gasoline, kerosene, jet fuel, used motor oil - even that taken straight from other vehicles and not strained, etc)

According to a recent study, 28% of Americans say they can "bug out" in 30-59 minutes

N95 face masks filter out 95% of air particles (these are not the blue paper masks you see during flu season, they are deep blue)

When fitted PROPERLY N95 masks are 75% effective against flu germs

some glass manufacturers are making "one way" bullet-proof glass - dubbed Ballistic glass - allowing for return fire at the exterior threat (ginger asks: but wouldn't returning fire then destroy the glass leaving you vulnerable to the enemies return fire?) NOTE 1

NOTE1: even though this was the last story I felt it was worth putting first. In the recent Swine Flu/H1N1 scare in the US and around the world - it MUST be noted that they only tested for the actual H1N1 virus in flu cases which required hospital treatment, otherwise ANY flu which tested positive for TYPE-A flu was counted into the CDCs numbers of Swine Flu cases, even those NOT caused by the Swine Flu specific virus ... It never reached "pandemic" levels as predicted either

NOTE2: because the statistic mentioned did not mention car pooling, you have to wonder if the question asked was simply "do you use a car?" or if it was "do you use public transportation?" ... On the 2010 census it simply asked what the distance was between your residence and where you worked, which makes you wonder if they didn't make assumptions based on those answers.
There is also the issue of "car pooling" - if people were asked "do you car pool?" and they said yes, did it then ask for the number of people in that pool? I mean if the answer was "4" then they then take four people pooled and say " there's one vehicle" OR (and I think MORE likely) did they them count each answer individually such that if they interviewed everyone in the same carpool they said that was 16 car passengers instead of just the four that they really were ... Remember people, stats can be made to LIE to any result the study wants it to (often in favor of those who paid for the study)

NOTE3: animal antibiotics -- the Prepper in the show uses fish antibiotics, but they do not say if you have a fish allergy (now ranked in the top 5 of food allergies nationwide) if you should AVOID such antibiotics for fear of an allergic reaction

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