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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Economic Education

for 50 some odd years america has declared a "war on Poverty" ... so how are we doing?

well the Cato Institute has released new stats on the matter - or maybe they are conclusions ...

polls show that people of lower ESC (Economic Social Conditions) tend to support obama more than those of higher ESC ...

under Obama, spending on welfare programs has gone up 41% than it did under Bush ... but then, you have to remember that the unemployment rate has jumped as well

that means $1 trillion is spent every year to "help" these people (remember that Gov Christie said we were becoming a nation of people who what to sit on our butts but still recieve a pay check? this would be it)

the largest program is Medicaid (not be be confused with Medicare for the elderly)

there are currently 126 different programs to fight poverty in the US which are paid for by government money

when Johnson declared the war - poverty was at 19%
under Obama it is above 15% but we are spending a whole lot more and not just because things are more expensive ... more like politicians feel they have to pay for EVERYTHING someone would want, instead of paying for the BASICS and giving them incentive to move up

although the stigma is still there

the overwhelming factors is poor education, drop outs are 4 times more likely to end up in poverty

those who grew up in single parent homes are 4 times more likely to also be in poverty ...

one of the problems with the way things are set up now - EBS cards can be cashed out at liquor stores and casinos in many states, and when used in a grocery store many states feel that they can not put limits as to what the money can be used for so it gets used to purchase quick-fix meals, beer, wine, etc instead of the healthier foods the government wants them to eat ...

of course with the way food prices are now, about the only food that is cost effective is rice & beans and that is supposed to be unhealthy for you too.

The feds spending about $20,610 per person to fight poverty ... that may not sound like very much - but its enough to put these people into the middle class ...

much of this money goes into subsidies for food/shelter etc and not directly to the people - but that isn't what was said ... it is simply saying how much is being spent

the US spends the second highest amount on education (behind Switzerland)

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