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Saturday, April 28, 2012

Economic Education

22% Spending Cuts Alone are the Solution
36% Mix of More Cuts Than Tax Increases
07% Raising Taxes Alone is the Solution
17% Mix of More Taxes Than Cuts
12-16 April 2012
MOE +/- 3
1,044 adults

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Speaking of tax money ... teachers in buffalo, ny are upset because a STATE LAW REQUIRES that teachers in EVERY district need to have an evaluation every year ...

but because the teachers union won't accept the evaluations, they are holding up funding needed by the schools to the tune of over $5 million! plus it puts into jeopardy the $20 milion that was already approved for next year
"it is very discocerting to be at the point where we have adults who say they are not going to follow the rules. When a law is created, everyone has to follow it"
Crystal D Peoples-Stokes
(D) Assemblywoman

she does have a point -- how can we expect the kids to follow the rules if the teachers wont?
She also wants the state to take over the fight with the union

the Teachers Union response?
"the teachers voted overwhelmingly not to accept the latest document that the distict had provided us ... we're going to go to court and sue the state"
Philip Rumore
Buffalo Teachers Federation

so they want to cost the district even more money?

the state paid for $9 million last year for PLASTIC SURGERY for the teachers because it was in the union contract ...

i could see it if it was corrective surgery - such as injury - but they did not specify if this number actually included ELECTIVE surgeries such as nose or boob jobs/liposuction/face lifts - but there is an implication that it did.

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