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Friday, April 27, 2012

File This Under ...

How the F^^k did THIS happen?


Wake Up People!

Now I'm not one for conspiracy theories ... In fact I am usually one to roll my eyes at the "Black Helicopter" people ...

But listen to Glenn Beck explain Agenda 21:

Now GB lost his appeal a year ago (maybe longer) when it seemed he was the Tea-Party's Joy Behar ... So if I'm posting his show, it should mean something to you!

But even if he turns you off - as he does me, inform but don't go nuts please - then listen to a clip made of footage of THOSE INVOLVED WITH THE IMPLIMENTATION of UN Agenda 21:

Did you pay special attention to those maps?

They try to hide it amongst all the fancy colors ... but the ONLY places where people are ALLOWED to dwell are those few black dots ... travel between these areas must be approved (to prevent a possible pandemic) by officials

(this clip works in my YT app, but not on YT page using an iPad ...

I pooh-poohed even these maps until last night when I heard on the news ...

That right now AVAILABLE apartments in our state's largest/most populated city is at all-time LOW and the "evil" landlords have increased the average monthly rent by ...


To $950/month

BUT the city is fixing that by building a brand new 35 floor apartment complex right next to the new LIGHT RAIL line ... or the Green Energy Train!

The red/pink/orange areas on the map are areas where people will NOT be allowed to go, work, or own

And don't expect any compensation - the UN does not make provisions for that ... it simply gives governments the RIGHT/POWER to TAKE it from you

but it might be TOO LATE for Us to pull out ... This all came about because the President George HW Bush (sr.) signed a seemingly benign UN proposal at the Earth Summit in Rio ...

Under the thinly veiled concept of Global Warming, the UN then began to change/amend the treaty/proposal to give themselves more influence over a World Economy ... A World Government ...

If you don't believe me - GO TO A MEETING OF YOUR CITY COUNCIL - I'm totally serious ...

After watching these videos see if you can't spot the hidden UN influence

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