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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

File This Under ....

Institutionalized Bullying

A hospital on TX will not hire you if you don't meet there image of "good health" based on your body type

This means that if your BMI is too high - no matter how qualified or top of the field you are - they will NOT hire you

But once you are hired they will not fire you for getting a large BMI ... Huh?

So they won't look at you of you aren't pretty enough, but once you work there your looks don't matter ...


So why does it matter if you aren't skinny to begin with then?

No BMIs above 35 need apply

5'10", 245lbs? Forget it

"[An employees physique] 'should fit with a representation image or specific mental projection of the job of a healthcare professional' ... [including an appearance] 'free from distraction' "
spokesperson for hospital
Texas Tribune
March 25

The even more interesting quote though is:
Internal Memo, March 2007
"I feel a sense of disgust but am more concerned with what this means to the future of the hospital as more of our Middle Eastern-born physicians demand leadership roles ... It will change ... The entire complexion of the hospital and create a level of fear among our employees"
David Brown, Hospital CEO
Gaella vs Brown court document

Yes the hospital is already being sued by 3 Indian doctors ...

While there is a law to protect you from being denied a job based on race ... gender ... religion ... sexual orientation ... social economic circumstances

But NOTHING stops them from holding AGE or WEIGHT against you ...

If you are over 55 yrs old, it is nearly impossible to find a new job ...

And now if you are over 130lbs you expect that you will lose out on a job as well

Where will this end?

How long before you have to send a head-shot and full body image as well as your complete medical history in order to get a job at McDonalds because it might cost them more in insurance or because it doesn't present the "image" they wish to present (you know that fast food is good for you)?

Seems to me that if these people finish the necessary education and are qualified for the position - THEY SHOULD GET THE JOB

Didn't we already have a country try to dictate how people in their country should look like?

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