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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

NatGeo Prepper Facts

Episode 10
because EMPs travel at the speed of light, all exposed electrical devices within the blast radius would be instantly disabled

Govt reports state that an EMP could bring down multiple parts of infrastructure at once:
• Food
• water
• emergency services
• transportation
• gas
• telecommunications
• Finance

Estimates are that repairs to "the grid" could take 6 months - 1 year after an EMP

The US has 19,500 sewage plants

Every 10 hours a grown man needs 80 cubic feet of air

When resting, the average person needs 1200 calories a day

It is estimated that 15% of people world wide are claustrophobic

In a recent survey, 77% of Americans said they could evacuate their homes in under an hour

Drinking sea water in large quantities will lead to kidney failure

Some radiation detectors are so small they fit on a key ring and can operate for 10 years without battery replacement

In March 1993 the US saw the worst snowstorm in recorded history. It cause $1.2 billion dollars in damage and killed 500 people

Govt officials have found over 300 transformers in the countries power grid that could be severely damaged in an EMP and leave 40% of Americans without electricity indefinitely

In a 1997 meeting of the US committee on National Security, experts testified that most civilian and military technology was susceptible to an EMP attack

Average person can run 10 mph

Drinking the UNfiltered urine of a healthy person would keep some one alive for 2 days {YUK!!!}

in 2006 a stranded British hiker survived 6 days by drinking his own urine

Avian flu is H5N1

80% of infectious diseases, including the common cold, are spread by physical contact

Estimate are that 1.9 million people would die during an avian flu pandemic

The H5N1 virus can remain in bird droppings for up to 100 days

When no other methods are available, sunlight can be used to decontaminate water

In a 2011 study 90% of teenagers surveyed reported being embarrassed by their parents

Annual flu viruses infect up to 20% of Americans and hospitalize 200,000

The US has 20 quarantine stations/sites around the country

H5N1 symptoms take 3 - 14 days to manifest

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