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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Economic Education

Increase in food prices from last year to now

• Chicken UP 7.1%
• potatoes UP 10.1%
• Ground Beef UP 10.8% {expect that to go higher without the pink slime being added}
• Cheese UP 14.1%
• Peanut Butter UP 36.6%
• Milk UP 4.8% per gallon
• bread UP 3.1% per pound

I don't know where they are at but chicken more than DOUBLED in price where I'm at and a gallon of milk costs almost as much as a gallon of gas

The cheapest bread has jumped from 88cents a loaf to $1.50 ... but it's still cheaper than buying school lunches - I will just have to start making bread on the weekends again (actually I find it fun)

They say it's because diesel has gone up to a national average of $4.16/ gallon which snowballs from all the points which use diesel to get it to your table

They also say it's because the worth of the USD is down ...

Average MONTHLY cost of groceries for a family of 4 is $950, which is UP 5% from last year

Global food prices have risen for the last 3 months

Remember that they say you should be spending 25-33% of your income on housing .... that means less for food

Of course - this could just be the newest effort in the "battle against obesity" ... That federally indorsed bullying program

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