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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Numerology class

So the last poll I saw said Romney & Obama were in a statistical tie ... Although the numbers showed that Romney was AHEAD by a couple of points

So what was the result as the polling numbers of Obama fell?

Gas prices fell for at least 7 days in a row for no apparent reason

Job creation numbers numbers were "adjusted" to higher levels

Unemployment numbers were "fixed" to look better

suddenly there was a new poll being talked about on liberal tv shows and talk shows - although I haven't seen any stats actually put up - saying that Obama is leading in every minority group they targeted ... Which really doesn't make sense because in 2000 when he was elected he also lead in every minority group and this time he is supposed to have more support there than when he ran against McCain ... So why is he losing the overall polling data then?

This morning I saw this report come out:

Week Ending April 14th


That is 16,000 more than they were expecting ....

Remember that in order for the economy to be recovering they said we would have to create about 300,000 jobs a month until election time

Also the unemployment percentage has been played with to look like it is dropping ... I think it's somewhere around "9%" now ... but there is talk that the Administration has been quietly pushing for the "Friday Layoff/Monday Hire" shell-game with the employment numbers

They also said that the real numbers are being reflected in the "consumer confidence" numbers kore than anything else ...

People are spending less as hey find there is just less money to go around and the price of things are jumping up ...

Think it's bad now? Wait until meat jumps 100% this summer!

I can see price caps set by the federal Government coming back into vogue ... Ala President Carter and the milk situation of the 1970s ... at least I remember it as Carter, but I'm betting I will probably find on a wikisearch that it was really Ford
The Following graph shows the rise & fall of the Unemployment numbers (hopefully it will show up proper)

the YELLOW LINE indicates where the numbers show be BELOW in order for these numbers to show a "Healthy Economy" ... That is one of growth if below, one of maintenance if right along the line

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